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Substation Foundations & Pads

Substation Foundations & Pads

Lindsay Renewabl has been a key manufacturer of substation precast concrete products in some of the largest electrical utility markets. With having eight plants in these areas, Lindsay leverages years of knowledge and expertise to serve electrical, utility, and T&D contractors. Lindsay stocks a lot of standard foundations and pads as well as fabricate custom solutions.

Lindsay's utility team can provide custom foundations for many types of substation components such as transformers, circuit breakers, disconnect switches, bus structures, surge arrestors, relays, and regulators. In addition, the foundations can be designed to various shapes and sizes including cylindrical piers, spread footings, or above ground grade beams. Lastly, Lindsay can cast in components to ease on-site constructability including conduit, grounding accessories, mounting plates, junction boxes, hatches, and anchor bolts.

By operating in a controlled environment, Lindsay Precast strives on consistently making precast products with quality and schedule in mind. All products are fabricated to the National Precast Concrete Association's (NPCA) standards and with American made materials.

Custom and standard sizes available for both underground and above ground applications

Experience fabricating pads, vaults, and foundations in some of the largest utility service areas.

Foundations can be embedded with accessories such as conduit, threaded rods, and plates

We have product specialists ready to assist with your requests.

John Pozzi

Account Executive

Lindsay Renewables has a diverse team providing support for all our product lines and locations. Get in touch today!

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