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BESS Solutions

BESS Foundations, Skids,

& Containerized Solutions

Lindsay Renewables has been at the forefront of Protecting What Matters since 1961, and another example is producing foundations for the energy storage industry. Lindsay's renewables team has delivered over 15GW of renewable energy products and over 4,000 skid foundations for OEMs, EPCs, developers, and contractors. Whether the foundations or skids are for battery energy storage, hydrogen storage, pumped hydro, gravity storage, or thermal, Lindsay can deliver the quality and service customers have come to expect.


Lindsay Renewables can design and manufacture foundations with various embedments, custom sizes, and shapes, including rectangular-grade beams, cylindrical piles, or galvanized steel frames. In addition, Lindsay leverages an experienced group of project managers, Solidworks®/AutoCAD® designers, certified welders, concrete professionals, master electricians, and NABCEP Certified Developers to mass produce and integrate any custom precast and steel BESS foundations. Whether the project requires stamped calculations, assembly/erection drawings, or pier locations, Lindsay's structural engineering team has the credentials to stamp in all 50 states.


All precast and steel BESS foundations are fabricated in one of Lindsay's nine nationwide National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) certified facilities. All steel and concrete materials utilized at Lindsay are sourced domestically to help meet any "MADE IN USA" project requirements. Each facility manufactures and integrates our BESS products in a weather-controlled environment to ensure quality, specifications, schedules, and budgets are met. Lindsay has over 10,500,000 square feet of manufacturing at nine different plants strategically located nationwide, the storage space to keep up with demanding schedules, and over 600 tons of lifting capacity at any one facility.

MADE IN USA - Facilities nationwide

Customizable sizes and shapes for steel and concrete foundations

Over 15 GW of renewable products delivered with prefabricated conduit, raceways, grounding, and weld plates

We have product specialists ready to assist with your requests.

Brandon Miller

Renewable Development Engineer

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