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Electric Manhole / Utility Vaults

Electric Manhole/Utility Vaults

Custom engineered to the specific job site and size required. Working hand in hand with our customers to optimize sizes, weights, pick plans, and any job site constraint they may have.

Full transparency throughout the entire process helps meet demanding schedules and stringent quality expectations. Fabrication schedules, delivery schedules, QC documentation, and photos are all customized to our customer’s needs.

Lindsay Renewables has the capacity for your current and future growth needs. Nine facilities across the country with indoor and outdoor spaces under crane. Storage, manufacturing, and staging space guarantees your products are ready to ship in your ever-changing delivery window. Your industry has many variables; we can create consistency, reliability, and fixed costs when you need it most.

Custom - Lindsay makes over 2,000 job specific vaults every year

Communication - In-house Project managers providing updates on fabrication and QAQC documentation.

Capacity - Over 10,000,000 square footage of manufacturing space to meet challenging schedules

We have product specialists ready to assist with your requests.

John Pozzi

Account Executive

Lindsay Renewables has a diverse team providing support for all our product lines and locations. Get in touch today!

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