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EV Charging Platforms

EV Charging Platforms

Our History:
Lindsay Precast was founded in 1961 and from the outset, began developing and delivering innovative solutions in the precast concrete space. Since our beginning, Lindsay has been looking for ways to inject quality and efficiency into every product and service we offer. In the 2000’s, Lindsay began developing and delivering pre-fabricated platform based infrastructure solutions for the solar sector. Since then, we have deployed over 4,000 platforms delivering over 14,000 Megawatt-hours of solar power across the U.S. every year. Our renewables focus continues to evolve and we are now bringing our knowledge, capabilities and national footprint to the EV Infrastructure market.

Responding to the Challenge:
We have heard from all facets of the EV market that the electrification experience has been expensive, disruptive and inflexible to future needs. In addition, we have heard consistently that the overall user experience as it applies to public charging has been described by many as difficult and frustrating. Lindsay Precast has listened and has a plan to “Elevate” the user experience for EV site owners, installers and most importantly the consumers of the EV charging experience!

Our Solution:
Lindsay Precast continues to focus on the rapidly expanding Renewables market. We have extended the knowledge and expertise we have built on the solar and energy storage sides of our business and applied similar logic and core design practices to our EV platform product line. In addition, we have focused heavily on both the look and feel of the product as well as the serviceability in the field. EV charging is an experience and we have put customer experience in the center of our design philosophy. Each client has unique requirements and our product has the flexibility to be configured in numerous ways to meet each individual station owners success criteria. Lindsay has abandoned the “one size fits all” mantra that most EV solution providers have embraced. Alternatively, we listen to each individual customer’s story and work in collaboration to design and manufacture a world class solution to meet or exceed their expectations.

More Efficient than Trenched Solutions

Significant Schedule Reductions Realized

80%+ of Electrical Work Occurs Offsite

Curb Appeal Superior to Traditional Installs

Configurable with Lights, Cameras, Signage

Hardware QC and Integration Occurs in Lab

Reduced Impact to Site and Environment

ADA Compliant Designs

Installation Project Timeline Improves

We have product specialists ready to assist with your requests.

Mike Freshwater

Sales - EV Charging


Lindsay Renewables has a diverse team providing support for all our product lines and locations. Get in touch today!

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