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Skid Mounted Solutions

Skid Mounted Solutions

Lindsay Renewables has decades worth of experience within the solar and energy storage industries.

We are "start to finish" with your project. From initial concept drawings and structural calculations to integration, first article inspection, experienced drivers, and Certified Electrical companies. Our entire team offers years of depth, working hand in hand with Lindsay Precast for the success of your next project.

Lindsay specializes in both steel and precast concrete skids. All steel skids are made with American-made steel that is hot-dipped galvanized to ASTM A123. The concrete skids are manufactured with high-strength reinforced concrete. Whether it is steel or concrete, the skids are manufactured within a weather-controlled environment to ensure quality, consistency, and on-time deliveries.

Lindsay can assemble and integrate skids with any equipment, including:

- Wet-type and Dry-type Transformers
- Switchboards and Load Centers
- AC and DC Combiners
- AC and DC Disconnects
- Central and String Inverters
- Distribution Panelboards
- Microgrids - Tracker Controllers
- SCADA, DAS, and Weather Station
- Lights, Cameras, and Receptacles
- PVC, Rigid, or Liquid Tight Conduit
- Conductors of varying sizes and ratings.

Skids are equipment agnostic and can be configured for any equipment including Central Inverters, String Inverts Transformers, Switchgear, etc

Standard vaults and pads produced to local utility company standards to eliminate the submittal process

Capacity to manufacture and integrate hundreds to thousands of skids per project.

We have product specialists ready to assist with your requests.

Brandon Miller

Renewable Development Engineer

Contact us today to realize the benefit of Lindsay Renewables concrete products.

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