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About Us

We are Powering what Matters

Quality Products

NPCA Certified

PCI Certified

NABCEP Certified

CarbonCure Certified

Producer DOT Certified

Time & Money Savings

- Average 4-6 Weeks turnarounds for integration

- Weather Controlled Environment

- 10,000,000 Manufacturing & Storage Space at our 9 locations

- On-site Labor Hours reduced

Decades of Experience

- 250+ Years of Solar and BESS Experience

- 15GW of Deployed Skids and E-Houses

- 100+MWs of Solar Ballasts Delivered

Leading in Customer Service

- Dedicated Project Management Support for every project

- First Article Inspections (Golden Skids) for skids/integration projects

- Testing and Documentation for every project

- Inventory Management

Scheduling Worries Alleviated

- Capacity of up to 30 skids completed per day (up to 150 skids completed per week).

- Vertically integrated with internal fabrication shop and certified welders.

- Plants open year round

Buy America

(ITC & IRA Incentives)

- All raw steel produced in USA

- All plants located within USA

- Experienced logistics team to ship across all North America and the world.

Meet our team

For more than 60 years, Lindsay Precast has been North America’s premier concrete and steel manufacturer specializing in precast concrete and prefabricated steel products.

Leadership Team

Ron Lindsay

Chief Executive Officer

Buzz Morgan

Executive Vice President

Paul Brennan

Chief Financial Officer

Chris Beecher

Chief Operating Officer

Matt Blind

Vice President of Operations

Dean Wolosiansky

Vice President of Sales

Todd Hadorn

Vice President of Human Resources

Renewables Sales Team

Brandon Miller

Development Engineer

Calib Willis

Design Engineer

John Pozzi

Solar Sales Engineer

Mike Freshwater

Business Development and Sales Manager

Nine locations,

one standard of quality.

With operations strategically located in Ohio, Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania, Lindsay Renewables is the prefabricated solution and integrator you can trust whether you’re in the north, south, east or west.

Lindsay Renewables has a diverse team providing support for all our product lines and locations. Get in touch today!

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